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we're here to help people whose lives are affected by drugs


Drug use can reduce your desire for it, but food can be a pleasurable part of recovery. The hi team are passionate about food and how it can fuel both your body and imagination.

Food, what we eat and how we eat it is in the news pretty much every day.  Reality TV shows deal with diets, home cooking and eating out.  What role does food play in your life?  What role could it play? Why change what you eat and how you eat it?  As children we express our personal preference through our choices of what we eat and the clothes we wear.  How has this had an impact on your choices as an adult? Do you want to change?

Hi offers you some choices. To begin with we offer cooking tips, money-saving advice and lots of easy to make meals. This part of the site will always be growing, providing new meals, ideas and feedback.  If you have a family dish you would like to share make sure to send it in to the hi food hall. Enjoy!

Links go to the site to view recipes from Jamie’s TV show “Jamie’s Ministry of Food”

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